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What is CAPS?

The Club Action Planning Scheme (CAPS) is a programmed designed to captivate our players and our club. It is aligned to the Sport England Clubmark accreditation scheme which is the only National cross sports accreditation for clubs with junior sections.


Why is CAPS good for our club?

It is a fantastic club development tool, which will enable us to develop a wide range of areas within our club.

Working towards CAPS will help us:

- increase membership numbers & retain them in the club

- ensures the correct amount of duty of care, adopting good practice for our young members

- addresses important aspects of club management

- develop coaches, umpires & volunteers

- develop links with the local schools in our community

- raise the profile of our club

CAPS has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Over the next eighteen months we will be working towards and striving to achieve our Bronze CAPS.

This will be the first level, incorporating the Clubmark criteria covering the areas of safeguarding and protecting children and young people, quality coaching and officiating, talent development, competition, sports equity and good management.

If we manage to achieve this accreditation we will be recognised nationally as having a well-run club which is active and accessible; getting the best out of young people and giving everyone a sporting chance.

Your support in helping us to achieve this accreditation is greatly appreciated.



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